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Greetings to our fellow cord cutters! 


It is our continuing mission to seek new, available alternatives to traditional cable television service; to link you with the service(s) that best fit you as the individual consumer; and to provide you with excellent and responsive customer service.


Thank you for accompanying us on our journey to seek affordable cable alternatives. I hope that we can continue to be of service to you.

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Tired of overpaying for Cable TV? 

Do you pay expensive cable bills each month for channels you don't watch? Do you feel held hostage by your Cable TV company and their unfriendly practices? Have you been thinking about cutting the cord? Then what are you waiting for? Cord-cutting refers to the practice of canceling or reducing multichannel subscriptions and pay television based cable TV services, in favor of alternative free-to-air and internet based solutions that are either totally free or significantly cheaper than the same content provided by cable TV.

​Today cord-cutting is a real option and is on the rise due to the growing unpopularity of traditional cable TV services. People are rapidly cutting the cord by learning about and switching to cable TV alternatives. You, like many others will relish saving that extra cash once you learn how to kiss your cable company goodbye, and we can show you how. With today's alternatives you don't have to sacrifice missing your favorite shows like The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, live sports, and other popular programs at the same time they air on cable TV.

​Our cord-cutting consultants evaluate your specific TV viewing needs and recommend the best alternative solutions for you. We build from a combination of options including home antennas, streaming services and home media devices, to offer our customers a custom TV solution without the high cost of cable TV. After evaluating your needs, we can prepare a recommendation of services and devices that you can purchase and install on you own, or we can build and install the custom solution in your home for you.

Our goal is to save you money without compromising your TV viewing experience. Let us help you Cut the Cord Today!

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